Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stitched Heart Jewelry

This is soft and tough at the same time. It feels great with the big cable chain, looks great with any outfit. This is a puffed heart design that I have cast and created with hand stitched laces in silver or 14k gold wire and finished with a solid back.

The heart hangs from an 18" solid silver cable chain necklace with a toggle style clasp. The heart hangs 1" in length from the toggle.

Also available in a charm bracelet. Or a dog tag that says a hidden message.

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This is a fun design to make from componants that I created when I first starting out in jewelry.
I love the handmade feel and it's really well made and takes me a bit to create each one. Well worth it! This is a classic design.

Thanks for stopping by! ~Michelle

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sugar Skulls

These are my new Sugar Skull designs. I hand carve these in wax and cast them in sterling silver.

I started the skulls with a block of wax. I had a rough sketch of what I wanted. I usually find my inspiration from other artists in all types of media. I put on a movie and start widdling away at the block of wax much like a wood carver or sculptor.

I cast the skulls using a centrifuge casting system.
Each skull has a name so I can keep them straight and add to their personality. Magadalena is at the top. There is also Jorge and Dos Caras or Two Faces since he has a face on the front and back.